Never Use Dishwashing Detergent With Liquid Dish Soap

Liquid dishwasher soap, also called dishwasher detergent, dishwasher liquid, or dish soap is a liquid detergent intended to be used in the dishwasher to help in dishwashing. It is generally a heavily foaming cleanser consisting of surfactant additives with low surface irritation and is mainly used for hand washing of cutlery, glasses, pots, pans, and other cooking utensils at a kitchen sink or countertop. Dishes detergents include glass cleaner, ceramic cleaner, citrus cleaner, and other commercial cleaners. Dishwashing liquid is generally preferred by consumers over bar soap as it is more environmentally friendly. Continue reading this article for more details about dishwasher soap.

Dawn dishwasher liquid soap was introduced in the United States in 1979. It was the first dishwasher detergent to incorporate surfactant additives to help reduce soap build-up. It was highly favored by manufacturers as it did an excellent job of removing grease from dishes. The product fell out of favor in the early eighties due to bad sales. In the United States, it was brought back into the spotlight again as a favored cleaner for the dishes and was even considered to replace bar soap. It has remained evergreen as a top choice in dish detergents as it continues to remove grease and dirt without clogging up the sinks.

Most liquid dish soap contains either sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a foaming agent that leaves a foamy lather. As it leaves the foam, it can produce a number of scents depending on the ingredients of the soaps used. The most common are the floral smells such as orange, mint, or lilac. It can also produce the common soapy smell of soap.

Ammonium laureth sulfate is a more stable ingredient and removes dirt and grime more completely than sodium lauryl sulfate. It does have a longer shelf life, however, so it is less popular with cleaning agents. Some people prefer its cleansing power because of this. When liquid dish soap gets onto the smooth surface of wooden and metal utensils, it can strip them of their polish. Some people would rather spend money for the longer-lasting quality of liquid dish soap.

You can find joy dish soap in many of the same places as your regular dishwasher detergent. You will probably notice that they are not marketed as “dishwasher detergent” because they do a better job. They will get the job done just as well. Do not be fooled by advertisements that say they are specifically for cleaning dishes. They can come in contact with dishes that are already in use and they can cause them to become dirty again.

The best choice for cleaning your dishes is definitely liquid dish soap. It does a better job overall and it is safer than most products on the market. Never use regular detergent to clean dishes in your sink because you are not getting the cleaning power that is available with liquid dish soap. You may find that you want to buy the whole set from the same store to be able to keep all of your kitchenware looking their best.

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